August 25, 2023

Insulation Matters: How Aluminium Windows and Doors Keep A Home Comfortable


Insulation Matters: How Aluminium Windows and Doors Keep A Home Comfortable

Aluminium windows and doors have a whole range of benefits and unique features that make them highly desirable for modern builds. However, one of their most important aspects is their ability to keep homes safe and comfortable.

At Advanced uPVC & Aluminium, we believe in combining style with substance, and all our aluminium windows and doors are designed to provide both without compromise. Find out how our aluminium windows and doors keep a home comfortable below, or start your free quote today to begin your next home improvement project. 

Double Glazing Insulation

All our aluminium windows and doors have highly efficient double glazing as standard. Double glazing is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to add insulation to a home to keep it warm and comfortable without having to rely on central heating or electricity. 

Double glazing is comprised of two panes of glass that are placed extremely close together with a small gap between them. As heat passes through the first pane of glass on the inside of a home, it becomes trapped within this small gap where it continues to heat up the home instead of escaping outside, where it is wasted.

Even in the colder months, the insulation provided by our modern aluminium windows and doors can keep a home comfortable and warm, retaining natural heat and keeping out the cold.

Our double glazing is designed to be condensation resistant, as our aluminium windows and doors contain a heat barrier with an inner glazed surface that is warmer on the outer pane. Check out more details about how double glazing can help a home here on our website.

Thermally Broken Profile

Typically, aluminium isn’t capable of retaining heat very well. However, to counteract this, all our aluminium windows have thermally broken polyamide profiles, which can further improve a home’s insulation in tandem with their double glazing. 

This intelligent design allows homeowners to benefit from all the advantages of aluminium without losing out on insulation. 

Reduced Energy Bills & Carbon Footprint

Aluminium windows and doors can do more than just keep homes comfortable; they can also be a wise investment to keep homeowners wallets comfortable too! By increasing a home’s energy efficiency and improving its insulation, homeowners could end up relying less on their gas or electricity for constant heating, leading to reduced energy bills year after year. 

Another benefit that our aluminium windows and doors provide to make homes comfortable is their slim sightlines. Aluminium can be manufactured much sleeker than PVCu or timber, providing additional space for highly efficient double glazing. With larger panes of glass, more natural light can flow through into the home. Homeowners can rely less on electricity to keep their homes bright and cheerful, which can stack alongside the reduced energy bills for some large potential savings yearly!

Not only can our aluminium windows and doors help to lower energy consumption and bills, but by using less energy, homes could see an improvement in their carbon footprint. The planet wins, and so does the homeowner!

Weather Resistance

Aluminium windows and doors are incredibly lightweight and durable, capable of maintaining their shape without warping or cracking. Even after years of exposure to intense weather conditions such as heavy rain and harsh heat, they can continue to defend homes from cold draughts or leaks.

Our aluminium windows and doors can boast a lifespan of almost 60 years which is almost three times the length of timber or uPVC. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable, so after decades of use helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, our aluminium windows and doors can be recycled to do it all again!

Sound Insulation

The insulation granted by our aluminium windows and doors can do a lot more than just keep a home comfortable and warm. Their insulating double glazing can also help reduce unwanted sounds from creeping into the home. Additionally, they can have the opposite effect, keeping sounds in instead of letting them escape to bother neighbours. Just like with heat and cold, sound becomes stuck as it passes through the first pane of glass and tries to make its way to the other.

Homeowners can be kept comfortable, quiet, and warm with the help of our aluminium windows and doors.

Aluminium Window And Door Prices

Get a free quote for our aluminium windows and doors now and start improving a home’s insulation. For more information about our aluminium products, call us at 07423 743 651 or fill out our online contact form to talk to a member of our expert team.

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